Crafting Beautiful Pillows: Sublimation, Vinyl, and Puff Vinyl Made Easy!

Crafting Beautiful Pillows: Sublimation, Vinyl, and Puff Vinyl Made Easy!

I have the ultimate virtual tutorial for you today! Learn how to make graduation pillows with Canva or Photoshop. The template has been design for you to be able to  follow along with.  You will learn so much from this course like  learning how to source your blank pillow cases all the way to design. By the time you finish my class you will be a designing pillow pro.  It does not take a lot to start crafting pillow covers you do not even have to to sew.  This craft will be one of your most easy and lucrative items in your craft collection. You can use your existing craft supply you have such as a heat press and use techniques such as  sublimation, vinyl, DTF  and more allowing you to create stunning and personalized pillows. Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a beginner, our service makes it incredibly easy for you to bring your designs to life.
Maybe your like Ms. Ashley I don't have the time to do this well I do offer a drop  shipping service for you where you Upload your design, and we’ll create it for you at a fraction of the price, enabling you to profit with no worries 

Here are just a few different techniques to make various types of pillow most start thinking that thye can only do  sublimation or  DTF when you can do many methods and become the King or Queen of pillows in your city. 


1. Sublimation 

If you are going to use sublimation you are going to need a sublimation pillow  cover . This pillow would need to be 100% polyester to get the most vibrant colors. Am I limited to only a white pillow? I'm glad you ask well the answer to that question would depend on  if you want a full bleed pillow or not. A full bleed pillow means that your paper is the same size as the blank substrate. While a partial bleed is where  you can see the white but you still have enough of the design that the pillow is actually full. 


Here at the Claiborne Design Studios we do offer a full service where  you upload your design and we take care of all the hard work for you. Don't ever worry about wasting supplies trying to do it on your own our service helps you focus on designs and sales while we print your masters piece  


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Today I am going to be using one of our screen print you can get on our website here. 


Step 1: Choose Your Design Software
You are going to choose your design software in our digital class I prepare you to design in 2 different program Canva is more of a graphic design software for newbies and those who are just entering into design. This is one of the cost that you do have to consider when you are are doing crafts full time or part time the amount that the software are going to cost you.  Canva is very beginner and advance easy to do. No matter if its words or something   you want canva you can design your heart out in canva 

Step 2: Upload Your Design
With our user-friendly interface, upload your design to our platform, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring high-quality results.

Step 3: We Create It for You
We utilize advanced crafting techniques to bring your design to life, creating beautiful pillows that reflect your vision. Or you can create yourself with your current design. Don't mess up another blank let us create it for you

Step 4: Profit!

Receive your crafted pillows and sell them at competitive prices, allowing you to make a profit while offering unique products to your customers.

 Beyond Pillows: Explore Your Creativity

The techniques of sublimation, vinyl, and puff vinyl are not limited to pillows. Explore your creativity and apply these techniques to create a variety of products, from custom apparel to unique home décor items.
Check Out One of Guest Pillow Artisan as she gives us a visual demostration using our Screen printed Transfers. Its so Easy you can to 
(insert the envolope sewing video)

Crafting beautiful and personalized pillows has never been easier with our service. Upload your designs, and let us create stunning pillows for you using sublimation, vinyl, and puff vinyl techniques, all at a fraction of the price. So why wait? Start designing and profiting today with our easy-to-use platform!

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